Evan Turner (HeadsUpFPV) might be the fastest drone racing pilot in Knoxville. He won the Joe Nall FPV race and the MultiGP Division 2A regionals. I was lucky enough to get to watch him fly on Sunday, and I DVR’ed it to share with you.

Here’s what’s great: the quad he was flying had totally different rates than he uses. So at the beginning of the pack, he is all over the place, and then, lap after lap, you can just see him locking in and getting faster and smoother. At the end, he’s faster than most of us will ever be, even though he’s probably only barely scratching the surface of his own capabilities. As a bonus, he lands the quad right on the takeoff platform.

You can watch a pro put in a record-breaking time all over YouTube. Here’s your chance to see a much less obvious skill: the ability to adapt to a new quad and master it. (PS: The video is about five minutes long, but personally, I was riveted.)