I reviewed the Catalyst Machineworks Norris recently, and I compared it to the AvantQuads Leggero. In my reviews, I try to present the facts neutrally and let you decide. But here in the newsletter, I’ll tell you my personal opinion.

The Leggero is $350. The Norris is $500. Assuming I was going to buy one of the two, would I personally pay $150 more for the Norris?

If you asked me that about the two quads I actually reviewed, my answer would be that the better vTX, OSD, and SmartAudio support on the Norris probably put it over the edge for me. Are those features alone worth $150? Well, if you assume that I’m buying a pre-built quad, then I’m already over-paying for everything, so maybe they’re worth $150, yeah.

But what if I told you the Leggero will soon come with the Matek F405 flight controller (with Betaflight OSD) and the Matek vTX-HV (with SmartAudio support)? Well, then it’s a no-brainer. The Norris is still a superior quad, but not in any way that’s going to really affect my day-to-day experience of owning and flying it to the tune of $150. I’d buy the Leggero. It flies amazing. It’s durable as hell. And can we just stop and reflect for a moment that you can buy a Bind-N-Fly of this quality for this price??? Unbelievable.