My video about how to wire telemetry would have been a lot simpler if not for the issue of telemetry inversion. I can’t decide who to blame more: the F4 for not supporting inversion, or FrSky for using inversion in the first place. SBUS was invented by Futaba, and my understanding is that Futaba SBUS is not inverted, so I don’t think there’s a technical reason why inversion is needed.

I’m really looking forward to F7 flight controllers. The F7 chip has something like 10 UARTs, and all of them support inversion. This might sound like more UARTs than anybody could possibly need, but there are lots of exciting uses. For example, you could easily run telemetry from each ESC, and still have enough UARTs spare for SmartAudio, SBUS, Telemetry, and your IoT coffee maker!

People sometimes question whether the additional speed of the F7, F4, or even the F3 processor is really needed. “I’m still running my Multiwii FC and it flies just fine!” There’s definitely some truth to the idea that people tend to chase numbers just for the sake of it, but I do think there’s tangible value to the faster processors. The single biggest thing I anticipate is more sophisticated filters, which isn’t really sexy enough to put into the marketing materials, but it’s really the single biggest thing that will make our quads fly amazing. Another factor that is often overlooked is the additional program memory of the faster processors. Even the F3 chip is starting to get cramped with Betaflight’s current code base.