Ever since my epiphany about race rates, I have been thinking about how to get some of the smoothness and precision of low race rates into my freestyle flying. One thing I’m not willing to do is to turn down my rates entirely. For great freestyle, I feel like fast flips and rolls are required. But I still feel like I could benefit from more control at center-stick.

It used to be that if you wanted more center-stick control, you would add Expo. But ever since S.Rates (Super-Rates) got implemented in Betaflight, I’ve preferred S.Rates to Expo. Both of them add precision to the center-stick in exactly the same way, but the S.Rates curve has a more abrupt transition between center-stick and full-stick deflection that I really prefer.

The problem with S.Rate is that if you add S.Rate because you want more center-stick control, it also changes your full-stick-deflection rate. So if you want 1100 dps at full deflection, you have to sort of shuffle RC Rate and S.Rate back and forth to achieve the desired curve while still maintaining the desired full-deflection rate.

It’s only recently that I have re-discovered an advantage of Expo. When you add Expo, the shape of the curve changes, but the full-stick deflection endpoint doesn’t. This means that you can use Expo to add just a smidge more control to center-stick without having to re-shuffle RC Rate and S.Rate to keep your overall curve the same.

If you have your freestyle rates exactly how you like them, but you want to experiment with just a bit more center-stick control, try adding 0.10 to 0.20 Expo and see if you like it.