I just added a new power supply for your LiPo charger to my Ultimate FPV Shopping List. It costs about $30, and it puts out 1200 watts. In case you don’t realize what an amazing deal that is, that’s about the exact same price as you’d pay for a 360 watt PSU from Banggood.

This power supply is originally intended for use in a rack-mount server, which means its build quality and design are top-notch. It has short-circuit protection, overheat protection, and low-voltage protection. Basically, it’s indestructible (this claim is not intended as an actual promise of indestructibility).

So what’s the catch?

It doesn’t come with an XT60 or banana plug connected to it, and it doesn’t come in a pretty case. But if you are a bit handy with a soldering iron, this PSU is, without question, the absolute best way to power your LiPo charger or other 12v accessories.

Here’s the full parts list to complete the build.